Image by Klim Musalimov

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Presented by Livingstone Shire Council RADF and Keppel Coast Arts, Sensory CQ 2022 Art in the Dark is a visually stimulating collection of cinema inspired glow in the dark painted art installations activating key locations in Yeppoon throughout the length of 2022 Capricorn Film Festival

The glow in the dark projection walk will activate the CBD area from 13th - 16th January.


Naria @ Yeppoon Town Hall
Dream Jars @ Beaman Park
Tree of Souls @ North Anzac Parade

Puppet Master @ Keppel Bay Sailing Club
Neo @ Appleton Park
Mushroom Forest @ Appleton Park


As a youngster in rural Scotland, I was fortunate to be part of a vibrant, local Arts scene, and was encouraged by my family to explore forests and beaches no matter the weather. By the time I left school, I’d developed a strong sense of wanderlust and was eager to get ‘out there.’ My studies thereafter in Anthropology and History of Art at the University of Glasgow fuelled my curiosity for travel and culture, and after graduating in 2012, I became immersed in the British Art industry.

In early 2020, I fulfilled my ambition of becoming a scientific diver dealing with the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish invasion on the Great Barrier Reef, before getting locked down in Gladstone, Central Queensland. Nevertheless, the biodiversity and colour palette of the coral reef and tropical environment continues to inspire my art. Living on plastic shores in ‘paradise’ has also urged me to create and promote the use of recycled materials, especially marine plastics.


art in the dark

Project Partner Livingstone Shire Council RADF proudly supports regional arts.

Project Partner Keppel Coast Arts proudly supports regional arts.

Image by Ambreen Hasan


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